Halloween Costume

A friend of mine knew I'd been drawing and asked me where her's was so I drew a picture of what she was for halloween.

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1. Laura Jane Doodles
2. Gurple Prapes

Facts: 1. Growing up I probably drew more DBZ fanart than any other show or inspiration.
2. Zelda was a close second.
3. I watched most tv shows as a child without really realizing I had watched every episode till later in life.
4. I like sleeping.
5. I wish I could be sleeping right now.
6. I can't draw now without it being on a computer, it's just not the same.
7. I have to go to the bank today.. (Couldn't think of the last one and I need to leave before it closes)


Frothy Monster

In Caffeinated Beverages Everywhere!


Just something that's been lying around for a while.



This was my Halloween submission for 5 Panel. I've been really nonexistent here lately and thanks everyone for the posts I never got back to.