I seem to be drawing a lot

I guess cause I'm on my computer. It's just happening. Must stop it..... (kidding)

Needing sleep

Been busy with normal work and doing some work on a commercial for a friend. Took a break late at night and drew a quick sketch. Also here is some sketches for a chicken they needed designed.


Been a while

It's been a while since I've posted. This one is semi finished but I doubt I will finish it. It can remain a doodle. I thought up the robot when me and my boyfriend were discussing the idea of a cute robot named Zu that had headphones. His version is a lot different from mine but this is what I thought of at the time.


My first piece

So yea I know it took me forever, But I finally got fed up with this one enough to not care anymore. So here Johnny is my first post!!!


Missing website.

Well seeing as I looked last tonight at what I thought was my website address and found nothing and I confirmed with a friend the full address, (one of those really long ones cause I haven't bought a domain name yet), and we both can't find it I've given up and decided to make a blog instead. Will post with artwork sometime.